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How do I share my discount with friends and followers

When you sign up as an Affiliate, you choose a code which friends and followers use at checkout to get their discount. This is normally your Instagram handle.

Codes also need to be setup in the backend before your community can use them, this usually happens overnight, unless we're off grid somewhere. If you want to get going right away, drop us an email and make sure your code is active.

Once you are signed up, you can also create extra codes and links to use on Twitter and Facebook or in emails and on websites.

Both these allow us to track subscribers introduced by you, and reward you for their joining the community.

How do I manage my Affiliate profile?

When your application is approved you will get an email with a link to your profile in the back end of the system. You can also login here.

We can help you manage your profile, just reply to any of our emails.

Through your profile you can see how many people you have introduced, and what your reward payment will be.

Are there limits on how I promote Adventurous Ink?

So long as it's legal and ethical, then no, there are no limits.

You can sign up as many people as you like, and get rewarded each time.

Because we send a new publication every month, you get lots of new content to share, so you can learn what works to engage your community.

However, high levels of signups followed by cancellations may be treated as fraudulent, and you may not recieve rewards for these subscriptions.

Do I have to share via my Instagram feed?

No. We know many people have a highly curated & stylised feed. You are welcome to share via Story's, in fact that's often a better way of engaging your community.

Of course you can always use other social media, email, websites or just good old word of mouth!

Do you have any tips for sharing Adventurous Ink?

Keep it simple.

Take a good shot of the latest issue, or you reading it, and share that.

Make it easy.

Include your clickable link or tag us @gatheroutdoors if sharing on instagram, the subscription is easy to find from our website.

Engage the emotions.

Share how you felt reading it, a beneficial insight or inspiration it provided, or something you particularly loved.

Do you have ready made photo's that I can use?

Yes, you can find these via your affiliate login.

But it's usually better to make your own visuals, that way you tell the story of our community more authentically.

You can also test different ways of sharing and find out what works for you.

How can I unlock discounted subscriptions?

Introduce over 10 new subscribers to qualify for a cost price subscription (£12.50). This is maintained by introducing at least 3 new subscribers each month.

Introduce over 30 new subscribers to quality for a free subscription, maintained by 10 new subscribers each month.

When will I recieve reward payments?

Reward payments are made monthly, at the start of the following month to ensure we're all caught up on what we owe you for that month.

Are rewards cash, or credits/discounts?

Rewards are paid in cash, not discounts.

Payments are typically made via PayPal, unless you request an alternative payment mechanism.