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What is Social Dividend?

We pay you to show our stuff to your friends on social media.

Its a social approach to marketing. Social is what we do.

Whats it worth?

You can earn 20% off. No ifs. No buts. No sneaky small print. 

Earn 10% before you buy using the buttons on each product page to share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+. Make sure you mention @gatheroutdoors Add #socialdividend if you can fit it in. We'll message you with a 10% discount code.

Earn another 10% back as a refund once you've got your stuff, by posting a picture to Instagram. Make sure you mention us and tag #socialdividend or we don't know to send a refund. 

Do you trust us?

We're working on automating this, but for now, you'll have to trust us. 

If you shared something, then bought in a hurry before we'd had chance to send a discount code, don't worry, we'll honour it as a refund. Just ping us an message or email tim@gatheroutdoors.co.uk

Do my friends have to buy something to earn my reward?

No. This isn't one of those rewards that are impossible to claim. Its easy. 

We want you to claim it back, because this is how we do our marketing. 

What? This is your marketing? Are you insane?

Possibly? But we figure you are at least as good as an algorithm at working out who else might like our stuff. And you are a damn sight better looking.

Plus, we want you to get the benefit, rather than some tax avoiding global corporate.