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March's Ink

Our March issue is the truly inspirational Scottish Bothy Walks. A choice selection of Scotland's best Bothy adventures, carefully curated into multi-day hikes by award winning author Geoff Allan.

This takes us right back to where we started: the second ever publication in our subscription was Geoff's previous book, the Scottish Bothy Bible. Subscribers got their hands on a copy in advance of it's general release, and long before it went on to win best Travel Guide of 2017.

With Scottish Bothy Walks Geoff has strung the most sensational landscapes and remoter bothies together into memorable weekend expeditions.

The book features 28 bothy based adventures, lavishly brought to life with stunning new photography, along with detailed maps and directions, plus features on bothy culture, wildlife, equipment and secret spots to explore on the way.

April's Ink

April provides a good long read to help us tune into the natural world, even from the confines of our sofa.

This issue ships on 7th April and will be revealed on social media on Sunday 12th April

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