Baselamp XL


Brand Biolite

The Baselamp XL is a game changer in off grid lighting from the supreme team at Biolite.

Not just an intelligent lantern, the Baselamp XL is a hub for all your outdoor power needs, effortlessly charging your multiple cameras and phones at once.

All this, crammed into a tiny package the size of a sandwich. OK, that's a sandwich from across the pond, but you get the idea: they are neat in every sense.

Naturally Biolite have the sustainability angle covered: the Baselamp needs no batteries, you simply charge it up at home, or on the move using a Solar Slate.

Intelligent isn't a term routinely ascribed to lighting, so lets explain: the Baselamp includes a low power app for your phone, which unlocks some colossal features such as dimming and colour modes along with proximity activation - watch your tent light up as you approach home for the night.

You can even use the Baselamp as a hub to light several different parts of your campsite, by plugging in a SiteLight XL.

500 Lumen Edge-Lit Lanten - Bright and even light in an ultra-packable form

Power Button - On/off/dim or press to cycle through modes

12000 mAh Rechargeable Internal Battery - Light and power for a full weekend - LEDs display battery remaining

Brushed Stainless Steel Casing - robust and hardwearing

Stainless Steel Folding Legs - Raise off the table, angle for task-lighting or hang from a branch

Micro-USB Charge In - No disposable batteries – recharge at home or on the trail with the BioLite SolarPanel 5+

USB Charge Out x2 - Choose where your energy goes and charge 4 smartphones

SiteLight x2 and Control Panel - Create extended lighting with BioLite string light system

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) App - Complete lighting control, timer, proximity activation, and real-time energy feedback. LE uses barely any power from your phone.


Weight 650 g

Lumens 500 Lm

Dimensions 129 x 127 x 44 mm

Inputs Micro USB

Battery 12000 mAh (up to 54 hours burntime, or 4 complete phone charges)

Outputs USB x2

SiteLights port x2

Bluetooth App Runs on Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Compatible with Android and iOS. App not required for basic lantern functionality.

Burn Time (Hrs) 54 LO / 5 HI

Water resistant port covers on all ports


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