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Are you looking to reconnect with nature and explore the great outdoors?
Do you want to spend more time leafing and less time scrolling?
Are you happiest when contemplating your next adventure?

Adventurous Ink makes this easy, with the aid of the leading writers, photographers and illustrators of the new outdoors movement.

We're so confident you will love it, we'd like you to try it now. For Free!

Each month you will receive the latest in modern outdoor literature. Plus a handwritten letter from our founder, telling the story of the publication and the people behind it.

Free issue for new subscribers

Start enjoying the outdoors wherever you are, with a free copy of our June issue - Another Escape's latest publication, dedicated to all things watery.

Immerse yourself in a different world, between the pages of this outstanding journal dedicated to outdoor lifestyles and sustainable living.

The latest from Another Escape helps readers share in the lives of those deeply connected to the water, from wild swimming in Welsh llyns with Gather ambassador Vivienne Rickman-Poole, to free diving to the bottom of Swedish Fjords and handmaking wooden surfboards and lobster pots. Plus extensive inspiration for your next adventure in Cornwall.

With a strong sustainability ethos, Another Escape pushes beyond just 'adventure' to examine how people truly find themselves in the great outdoors, whatever they set out looking for.


We created Adventurous Ink to inspire subscribers to make the most of their 'Wild and Precious Lives'.

Hearing how we helped with that gives us a warm glow...

"My mind is racing with ideas and thoughts of adventure!" Lucy

"Thank you so much for the time, thought and effort you've put in to deliver treasure through my letterbox every month this past year. It has been awesome : )" Sarah

"I feel genuinely excited everytime it comes through the door." Ollie

"It broadens my knowledge and always stimulates my love of the outdoors" Yannick

We wanted to hear more about our wonderful subscribers, like Ant (below) so we created Subscriber Stories to tell their tales.

The subscription

Each month we send subscribers one new book or journal from leading authors, adventurers and indiependent publishers. Each issue is worth £10 - £16 averaging at over £25 every 2 months.

The subscription fee is £25 for 2 months, plus £3 post & packing.

There are no contracts, you are free to cancel at anytime. Including before your first payment is due! We are confident you will love Adventurous Ink, so we don't lock you in at any point.

No worries guarantee

You place a lot of trust in us by being a subscriber. We wont let you down. No matter what, we will see you right:

Issue pinched by a neighbour (it happened!) or lost in the post? We'll send another.

Already got a book we send out? We'll send a refund (you can keep the book to give as a gift).

Payment taken automatically when you planned to cancel? We'll send a refund.


When will my issue arrive?

Free trials are shipped immediately.

From then on all orders will arrive around the middle of the month.

Will I know what's coming?

No, that's part of the adventure!

Scroll through the images to see some of our back issues.

Why do you take payment details up front if it's a free first issue?

This allows for an easy transition into the regular subscription. There are no hidden costs, you can cancel anytime.

When will the first payment go out?

On the 2nd day of the month, the month after you subscribe.

So for example, whether you subscribe on the 3rd April or the 25th April, the first renewal payment will go out on the 2nd May. The next payment will go out on the 2nd July, and so on until you cancel.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, we accept PayPal along with credit & debit cards.

What will I get in my subscription?

You will recieve a cardboard envelope, containing this month's issue, plus a handwritten letter.

This is not a regular 'box scheme'. It is not a clever way of selling you stuff you don't need and wouldn't have bought. It's a simple way to recieve inspiring publications that help you love the outdoors even more.

Occasionally we may add an extra publication. For example in January 2019 we sent a free Discover Cymru calendar to all subscribers as a special gift.

Will it fit through my letterbox?

Yes. We've never had an issue yet that hasn't fitted through a regular sized letterbox. So no annoying trips to the post office.

What if I have already bought a copy elsewhere?

We ship publications as soon as possible after their release date, so it's unlikely you will buy it before we send it out.

But if you already have a copy, we'll send you a refund for that month. You can even keep the duplicate and gift it on to someone else.

Can I choose how many months I purchase, or how often I pay?


In addition to a rolling 2 month payment plan, Adventurous Ink is available as 4 month, 6 month and 12 month options. You can choose a rolling payment plan, or one-off payments, ideal as a gift for adventurous souls.

Choose your payment frequency from the drop down options.

The first payment is made on the 2nd of the calendar month after you subscribe.

Can I deliver to someone else?

Yes. Separate billing and shipping addresses are available at checkout, ideal to send as a gift.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, of course, you are free to cancel at any time. If you have paid for future months when you cancel, we'll still send these out to you. You get what you paid for, simple as that.

I meant to cancel but payment had been made, can I still get a refund?

No problem. Get in touch and we'll refund your payment and cancel your shipments.

What if I change address?

You can update your shipping address anytime online. Or just let us know and we will update it for you.

How long has Adventurous Ink been running?

We started out back in January 2017 and have shipped every single month since.

Our founder Tim (the coffee drinker you just scrolled past) even had the logo tattooed down his forearm. We're THAT committed!

I have another query...

See our extra FAQ's here, or get in touch, click the envelope symbol towards the bottom of the page, the one marked Queries.