Powerlight mini


Brand Biolite

The most functional torch you will ever own: replace your torch, headlamp, bike light and camp lantern in one neat little package. Oh, and charge your phone or power additional campsite lighting whilst you're at it.

The Powerlight mini uses Biolites edge-light technology to pack a lot into a little space. The light is dimmable and pointable, and includes red light to preserve your night vision, or to hang on your bike or backpack, along with a strobe for uber visibility.

Charge your phone or camera via the USB out, and stay on-top of charging levels with the inbuilt indicator. 

Top up your Powerlight before leaving home via the micro-USB charging point, or in the field with a Solar Slate.

Light up your campsite by using your Powerlight mini to power a SiteLight XL.

Seriously, these things are immense. Well, tiny, but you get our meaning. We never go anywhere without ours. You won't either.

Before reading on for technical info, or do check out this super creative one-take explainer on Youtube.

 Clipstand - Attach to pockets or rotate out for hanging and standing

Point Light - Boost of bright light for maximum visibility

Lantern Panel - Soft, even light in an ultra compact form for wearability

LED Battery Indicator - Easily see how much juice you've got left in your light

USB Charge Out - 1350mAh battery provides a backup boost to phones

Micro USB Charge In - Rechargeable Li-ion means no hunting for batteries



Lumens 135 Lm

Water Resistant input port covers 

Micro USB In/USB Charge Out

Burn Time (hours) 52 LO/5 HI

Battery 1350 mAh Li-on, USB Rechargeable

Lighting Modes White Lantern, Red Night Vision, Red/White Strobe, White Point

Weight 80 g

Dimensions 85 x 51 x 15 mm

1-year limited warranty on all BioLite products

Included in In The Box: 

PowerLight Mini
Micro USB Cord
Bike Mount (30mm Diameter)


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