Chart your own path
Making better choices easier

We've stopped living adventurously.

It's making us unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilled.

Don't look back with regret at time spent seeking solace sat on the sofa staring at screens.

Find yourself outdoors. Enjoy more memorable adventures, and reconnect with the natural world whilst you're out there.

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver

It's time for adventure when...

You're stuck in the same boring routine, day in day out.

You find yourself endlessly scrolling through social media, vaguely seeking something more substantial and fulfilling.

A life event stokes your ambition to live more purposefully and boldly.

You spend your days stuck in the office, dreaming of your next adventure.

You already know the outdoors is your happy place, and need a regular fix!

In every walk with nature, one discovers far more than one seeks
John Muir

We need to reconnect

Human beings evolved in harmony with nature over thousands of years. But the connection which nourished us has been broken by our busy and distracting lives.

It happens to everyone - life takes over, routines build up. Work and careers demand more time. Families need (and deserve) more attention.

To make things worse, technology and media is working against us, nudging us into a fur lined rut.

It's time to reset the balance.

Go climb a tree!
Alastair Humphreys

Yes you can

Living adventurously doesn't mean epic adventures.

You don't have to climb Everest, paraglide off an Alpine peak, kayak down the Amazon, or cycle round the world.

That doesn't mean you can't. But maybe make a start with a walk in the woods, a night spent stargazing, or a dip in the sea.

Yes you should!

Stop wasting money trying to fill the void, trying to buy the magic thing that makes you whole and happy. That thing is your life, and its waiting for you out there.

Don't find yourself looking back with regrets when it's too late to change. Choose a more purposeful path today.     

Step outside your comfort zone and do something that makes you proud of your achievement.

Stop rushing from one event to another. Burst out of the technological bubble cocooning your life.

Reconnect with the role of nature in sustaining our daily lives. Take the time to notice how the rhythms of the days and the seasons shape our consciousness.

Chart your own path

Which way to go?

Finding a path to a more fulfilling life isn’t easy.

Many of the solutions you are presented with are cleverly designed tricks to keep you in the same unfulfilling routines, or quick fixes that don’t last.

Even the glossy marketing of the outdoor industry, which promises a new you via the medium of a new backpack, or a new pair of trail shoes, often fails to deliver.

It’s not the gear you need, it’s the idea.

We've been there!

How do we know? Because we were part of the polished perfection of the outdoor industry. We started out selling clothing and equipment on the promise of getting you out there.

But we changed tack in 2019, when we realised we could do better.

Now we're dedicated to our mission of helping you find yourself outdoors.

There's a reason food tastes better outdoors

Everything is better outdoors

Escape the boring routine for a fulfilling life packed with adventure, one that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and ability.

Glow with pride as you regale friends, family and colleagues with tales of adventures.

Grow in confidence at your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you.  

Find the time and space to reflect and connect to yourself.

Rediscover the beauty and peace that nature provides.

Share special moments that live on in your memory forever.

Notifications from Nature

The great outdoors doesn’t have infinite scroll, auto-play or attention grabbing alerts. So we fixed that with a monthly dose of inky inspiration from leading outdoor authors and independent publishers.

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Our unique subscription is a simple way to get into a great habit of spending more time thinking about, and being in, the great outdoors.

"I find it a constant source of inspiration and escapism."

Like Christmas every month

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"I feel genuinely excited every time it comes through the door."

Carefully curated

Every issue comes with a handwritten letter from our founder Tim, telling the story behind the cover, and is chosen with care.

No nature conquering toxic masculinity. No twee Country Living chic. Just great publications packed with outstanding creativity from good folk who really get the great outdoors.

"Thank you so much for the time, thought and effort you've put in to deliver treasure through my letterbox every month this past year."

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